Here’s The Deal

Portrait of Ben

Bentron and Megan live in Maryland.   They work in a variety of artistic professions, the compensation from which sustains them at a comfortable third world level.  They have good attitudes and pretty eyes.  They could almost say they were married at sea, except it was docked in the harbor and not officiated by a captain.

They have one cranky cat, one nefarious kitten, two fuel-efficient hatchbacks, and not enough robots.  They like cooking, drinking wine, saving money, visiting with friends and seeing their families. They also like playing games on glowing screens of all kinds.

In 2012, they added a little girl, alternately referred to here as “the Sprout” and V. In 2014, they will be adding another tiny human to the mix.

Oh, and you’re probably wondering what a RhombusBomb is. They don’t know either.

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