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Wallpaper: September 2010

So it’s not fully finished yet, but my new website is up. Part of what that means is that, since they’re a part of Pique and my graphics work, the new wallpapers will be on that site. So, September’s wallpapers are now up, and you can go visit and view them over there.


August Wallpaper

I’m starting a new mini-project for myself. To help me get my design skills back up to snuff, I decided to make a few wallpapers with a calendar for each month. Here’s three to get August started.

Free to a Good Home

We’re moving in two weeks, and as a result, there’s a lot of stuff we need to be cleaning out. Here’s a list of things we’ve found that need a new home. Anything in condition that we wouldn’t inflict on a friend goes straight to Goodwill or the Trash. Here’s your shot at the stuff that’s still in decent shape. Read the rest of this entry