Monthly Archives: February 2011

Up to Our Ears in Boxes

Lilit agains the green comforter on our bed

In the midst of all our packing chaos, Lilit finds a quiet moment in the sunlight. The bed seems to be the last clear space to stretch out.

Four days until we pick up the keys to the new place. Six days to the truck (Speaking of which, hold that thought while I call u-haul to reserve one…right). Our apartment has become a series of piles, boxes waist deep against every wall. The cabinets are emptying, and it seems like there’s this endless parade of Stuff.


Ever find yourself with an almost uncontrollable urge to just torch everything? Yeah, that’s sort of where I am right now.

The cat is beyond distressed. We’ve started making up new lyrics to old songs to help calm and soothe her. My stress-induced compulsion to list everything is getting out of control; even my lists have lists. Poor Ben is working nearly full-time in the middle of all this. Last week, I was too, at a new job that turned into something I couldn’t handle, too. After three days of work, I quit. Something has to give, right?

I’m exhausted, Ben’s exhausted, Lilit has pretty much given up on life. We’re coming in to the home stretch now, which is a great feeling, but it feels like it will never end. It seems so hard to imagine it was less than a month ago we first looked at the house! Just a little longer… just a few more boxes…