Monthly Archives: March 2010

My baby brain #3


(note: this is about an upcoming trip to Colonial Williamsburg)

“I think it will be neat because all the things there are from Colonial Times.

I’m not sure what the house will look like, but I’ve got one guess.  Old.

Still, I look forward to seeing what it looks like, and what everything in it looks like.”

My childlike excitement is palpable, no?


Do you know what really grinds my gears?  Our apartment complex doesn’t have on-site recycling.   Our management says the county decided not to come here anymore, the county says we stopped paying for it.  I mean, it’s totally possible both are true, and they stopped coming ’cause the management stopped paying.  Maybe.

But so if you want empty cans of cat food and junk mail in abundance, come on over to our house!!!?!

We have yet to find a really convenient alternative place to take the stuff.  Howard County’s Bureau of Environmental Services (with the delightfully choppy URL  says we could go to the loading dock trailer at “Alpha Ridge” were it not for a recent roof collapse.  I think Alpha Ridge is a lunar site, though:

So, not exactly convenient.

I suppose I could learn how to crush cans of cat food on my forehead, but then I’ll just have headaches and smaller disks of metal lying around the house, unrecycled.  Do you live in Howard County?  Would you mind if we gave you our totally undiseased recycling?  You’d be racking up the karma, I guarantee.

If not, do you know of a remote site where we can bury our waste in a pressurized environment, and reap the fossil-fuel benefits of our refuse many generations later?  That’d be okay too.