Monthly Archives: October 2013

Saturday Recap

Five things that happened this week:

  • During our Friday music class, the Sprout was in the middle of the circle the entire time, singing and dancing. The teacher at one point even told her, “You’re so prominent today!” She just loves her music class!
  • After the Sprout’s first diaper change of the day, she said and signed “Potty” several times, so Ben took her to the bathroom and sat her on her little potty where she promptly peed. A lot.
  • She has made the connection between animals and the sounds they make. It’s just the absolute best to hear her point at Nimitz and say “Meeeeee-owwwww.” (Also, any word with an “ow” sound has about sixteen syllables. ALL of them.
  • We got confirmation from the mortgage company, which means in the next couple weeks, we should be closing on a house and then, you know, moving.
  • I am starting to find my stride! Tuesday and Thursday, I met with other Moms to just hang out (and it was awesome). Wednesday, I made a big celebratory birthday dinner for my Mom, which involved lots of cooking (and it was awesome.)