30 by 30 Goals

Megan’s list of 30 goals to accomplish by her 30th birthday:


  • Migrate all food purchases away from the major Supermarkets for 6 months
  • Make & Jar my own apple butter
  • Make strudel
  • Bake an amazing layer cake with beautiful icing
  • Learn the recipe for an easy yet amazing birthday cake
  • Three words: Rubik’s Cube Cake.


  • Brew my own Beer
  • Home brew a batch of mead
  • Host a beer tasting
  • Host a wine tasting
  • Spend a weekend visiting wineries around Charlottesville
  • Pick a “house wine”


  • Earn at least 75% of my income from visual art for 3 months (does not need to be consecutive)
  • Complete a 365 Photos project
  • Assemble a body of work, and get a gallery showing.
  • Complete a painting project that makes me happy
  • Sculpt something awesome


  • Do 100 sit-ups without taking a break
  • Do 100 push-ups without taking a break
  • Run a 5k


  • Visit 30 U.S. States (Airports and Just Driving Through don’t count — I’m looking at you, Ohio) (22/50)
  • Visit all Smithsonian museums
  • Write a travel guide w/ photos
  • Drive the entire length of Route 1


  • Host a family holiday party (Rosh Hashanah 2011)
  • Put together a family reunion
  • Learn how to repair a toilet
  • Launch one of my business ideas
  • Have a baby while my knees and back are still young
  • Learn to play the bagpipes
  • Learn to sew enough to make myself a pair of wrap pants

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