Monthly Archives: October 2011

Playing Catch-Up

The dinner table for Rosh Hashanah this year, at our house.

There’s been a lot that’s happened lately, and as usual, that means I’m not very good at keeping things up to date here. We had my Mom and grandparents over for dinner for Rosh Hashanah (picture of the lovely table Ben set at left). It was really nice to be able to have a nice family meal on the good dishes (which we had never before used!), with great company, conversation, and food. Standard delicious brisket, with carrots, apples, and kugel. Wine pairing: Dom Mousset CĂ´tes-du-Rhone, which was fruity and bold and spicy and delicious.

The week before High Holidays, I just started a new job. This week, I hit one month of employment with them. I’m a wine associate at a local wine shop, and since starting, I’m getting close to 200 wines tasted. So look forward to more frequent mentions of wines around here.

The new job is full time, so I’ve had a lot less time sitting around at home. Ben, on the other hand, has been experiencing a slow down in the number of gigs he gets, which at least has freed him up to work on writing more. He just finished the first draft of Part 2 of the novel, so expect to hear more from him on that. Also, I will be prodding him to update here as I find less free time.

Nimitz has her first introduction to Very Large Vegetables, in this case, the Mighty Cauliflower.

I had Tuesday and Wednesday as my weekend this week. Ben had gigs on Tuesday, so I spent the day playing Minecraft. Wednesday, we decided we wanted to do something awesome, like visit a winery or a museum, but decided there weren’t any museums we were interested in this week, and we deal with a lot of wine at the moment. So instead, we went to Larriland Farm, to go visit a U-Pick pumpkin patch. On a rainy, rainy day. Oops.

They still had a bunch of already picked stuff at their Red Barn, so we got a crookneck squash for pie (like last year), a humongous cauliflower for $4 (see left), a bunch of decorative gourds, some chard, some apple cider, and some apples.

We saw some awesome looking gourds and squash. Ben made friends with the local calico, who proceeded to follow him around. It always amazes me how we can end up having so much fun with something as simple as shopping for veggies.


I’ve got work again this afternoon. Saturdays are fun, because I get to talk to a lot of different people. I like that I get to help them have a pleasant evening, to find something that will enhance their meals, or help them unwind after work, or impress their guests. I help demystify the World of Wine, and I show them that it doesn’t have to be all about snobbery; that it’s mainly about what tastes good, and what you find pleasurable to drink. I encourage them to stretch their palates, to learn wine-speak, and to try new things. And most of the wine I sell is stuff I’ve tried and just been excited about. “This was really awesome. We had it last night, and I’m really digging it.” Currently, my favorite grape is the Torrontes, and we’re working our way through trying all the ones my store sells. I’m debating whether or not it’s worthwhile to put mini-reviews of the wines we taste up here, or just stick to mentioning it occasionally. Any thoughts?