Monthly Archives: June 2012

Of Ice Cream, Airplanes, & Sunburn

I had my first taste of Neapolitan Ice Cream this week. Quite tasty, and also slightly ironic, considering I currently resemble said flavor.

Oh yes. It is officially summer. Megan has her first burn/tan/pasty combination of the year. See, I got burned three times this week. I’ll recap.

Sunday, Ben and I went to Black Ankle to celebrate our anniversary. It’s changed a lot since he proposed two years ago, and it continues to grow and expand in exciting ways. We took the full tour for the first time, which was awesome except for being stuck in a group full of people who asked really dumb questions and wore too much perfume. It was my first long day in the sun this year, and of course I was wearing a tank top, so my shoulders got a little crispy and my nose a little red, but overall a fantastic day. Nobody judged me for being visibly pregnant and still tasting the wines (in fact, I think they were just as excited as we were when she reacted to the wines), and it was nice to be out and about doing normal, non-pregnancy related things.

The first half of the week got eaten by cold recovery — I caught a monster of a head cold that’s still lingering a week later in the form of an occasional cough. But Thursday, I was feeling well enough that we were able to head up to the Inner Harbor to see the tall ships. See, it’s the 200th anniversary of the war of 1812, so Baltimore was throwing what they called a Sailabration. Clearly, I need to study up on the War of 1812, because I was pretty sure that when your capital city is burnt to the ground, you didn’t win. But what do I know.

At any rate, for whatever reason, there were a ton of ships visiting from all over the world. We wandered around the harbor, had lunch at the sushi place we went to after our wedding rehearsal, got to tour the Cuauhtemoc from Mexico (which was stunningly beautiful, as were the crew), and visited the Constellation again (although we didn’t go on board this year). Oh yeah, and a full day out in the sun meant that I ended up with sunburnt shoulders again.

We also saw the rehearsals for the Blue Angels air show, which was pretty exciting and made us want to come back for the actual show (probably their intent with making sure their practice was right over the harbor). So we planned with Dad to come back on Father’s Day for the full air show. We pulled together an afternoon picnic in about thirty minutes Sunday morning, which meant we got the food part planned out, but forgot about the sun protection part. Well, I packed my sun hat, but that only does so much.

Ben ended up with pink arms and face. I’m in pretty rough shape, with bright red on my shoulders and face, plus a nice, healthy burn all over my knees. And Dad got the worst of it, bright red all over. Clearly, we need to purchase some sort of portable sun shelter if we’re going to be headed out for summer picnics.

A day later, the lighter parts of my burns are already starting to turn to tan. Of course, I still have bright white streaks where my tank top straps were, and bright red in the spots that were burned worst. Which brings me back to Neapolitan ice cream.

Mmm. Tasty.