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Plagues! part two

So I just blacked out for three weeks.  Where was I?

Ah yes!

Plague the 4th– Rhinoviruses.

fear me!

This has been a localized, Megan-sized plague for the most part.  Poor lady!  Just when we turned our keys in at the old place, they swooped in.  Little beasts have been munching on her brains* for weeks now.  Do you know any good, quick, congestion-clearing tricks?  She’s tried everything short of Liquid Plumr.

Plague the 5th–  Chairs.

no, fear me!

You wouldn’t think chairs were a problem, but you’re you, and we’re us, and sometimes our problems don’t make sense.

Looking around the room now, I see no fewer than eight chairs (inc. two stools) and a couch.  There’s another stool in the bedroom, two chairs in the storage closet, four folding chairs stacked in the sideboard, three gaming chairs in the coat closet, and four patio chairs on our deck.  Oh, and there are three chairs in our cars now to go out to family storage, on top of two more folding chairs that already went away– but forget those.  Let’s just talk what’s physically in the apartment.

Per Heiney’s Law, the furnishings in a one-bedroom apartment should not exceed S =  3.5 B, where S is the number of individual ‘seats’ in a domicile, and B is the number of butts possessed by leaseholders or permanent occupants.  As Megan and I each possess only one butt, S = 7 should be our target; enough seats so that we can have a few people over (5) in a comfortable fashion.  A larger party than that, and people will be standing or shifting position frequently, and excess furniture will only get in the way.

Include all the chairs stored in the apartment and count the couch (conservatively) as only two seats, and what do we find?

S = 24

Twenty-four.  Megan and I would need 6.86 butts apiece to justify this many chairs.  (Assuming that we, as multi-butted or ‘poly-gluted’ people, would still have single-butted friends.)

Don’t let this happen to you.


All said, we made it through the move alive and sane.  Takes more than a few plagues to keep a good couple down.   Thanks to everyone who helped or supported the move directly; and to the rest of you, thanks for your thoughts.


*That’s how colds work, right?