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New Apartment Update

So I’ll leave it to Ben to finish up his list of plagues (oh yes, he’s not done. This has been a momentous move), but I thought a minor update was in order. We’re starting to sort things out here, and it’s been fantastic that we both had the time away from work to get this move finished. We are officially finished with the old apartment and only have one place that all our things are stored (other than parents’ houses still, but those are on the list for later this year).  This move has been educational, to say the least. (See: list of plagues.)

We invented a word! (Or, at least, I think we invented it.) Intoxistupification: the point where you’re just so mentally exhausted that you feel slightly drunk and no amount of sleep helps you recover. It also leads to an earlier time for stupid-o-clock, the time of day when everything becomes hilariously funny for absolutely no reason.

The cat has decided she’s settled, at least. See, a cat only needs a few things to make a place home, and this morning she found the last one. First, she needs a place to eat. Second, the litterbox. Third, hiding places (and ohhhh do we have plenty of those. At the moment, the apartment is a kitten’s playground!). Fourth, a couple of people she doesn’t loathe. Fifth, her favorite toy. Now that the toy has been located and there is sufficient floor space to romp in, she’s happy. Life is good. Lilit needs nothing else. Except maybe a patch of sunlight occasionally, but the nice big windows provide that all day long.

Today’s project is to get the kitchen usable. We’re about halfway there, I’d say. There was some purging during the move, but I think the list of appliances to shed will be growing. Anybody need a pasta maker in great shape?

Plagues part one

So, I’ll admit, no rain of toads or river of blood, but our move has been marked by what are think are reasonably characterized as the ravages of a vengeful deity.

Plague the 1st: Snow.  You know the Snowpocalypse that blanketed the news and people’s cars last week?  We were supposed to rent our U-Haul on the very Saturday that was all going down.  U-Haul called us in the morning to ask “Are you really sure you want this truck?”  Like good gentlemen, they didn’t penalize us for pushing our move date back, so we rescheduled for a hopefully less snowy Tuesday.  Not getting the truck left us staring down the barrel of:

Plague the 2nd:  Boxes.  On Friday night, we’d brought over lots of boxes of a wide assortment of things, but no furniture.  “We’re getting the furniture on Saturday,”  was the rationale.  So when we couldn’t get the truck on Saturday (or leave the apartment), we were surrounded by boxes with no place to unpack them.  Visions of boxes have filled my head all through the Christmas season.

Plague the 3rd:  Mold.  In the process of cleaning out our old apartment, we found a mess of tasty blackish mold growing on the wall under the headboard of our bed!  That explains this blacklung we’ve been having.

(update– the management is not blaming or charging us for the mold, which is excellent and reasonable .  Except now Megan’s grandfather doesn’t have any fun lawsuits to conduct.)

More to come…

Free to a Good Home

We’re moving in two weeks, and as a result, there’s a lot of stuff we need to be cleaning out. Here’s a list of things we’ve found that need a new home. Anything in condition that we wouldn’t inflict on a friend goes straight to Goodwill or the Trash. Here’s your shot at the stuff that’s still in decent shape. Read the rest of this entry

Visual Guide to 2009 Travel

Visual guide to our 2009 Travel

Christmas Letter 2009

Hey, everyone! We’re trying an experiment with our Christmas letter this year. First of all, any time you see the text in Red, that’s Megan speaking. If the text is green, that’s from Ben. We’ll include the traditional synopsis of our year (and it’s a big year for us!), but if you want more of the details, we’d like to direct you to our brand sparkling new blog, Rhombusbomb. We’ll be updating that throughout the year as well, and if you, our beloved friends and family, pester us enough, we may even be able to keep it up all year! Right now, it’s got our Christmas letters and a little bit on wedding planning. You can find it at:

Like I mentioned before, this year has been a big one for us. The big news, of course, is the upcoming wedding. We’ll be getting married on June 12th, which also happens to be my grandfather’s birthday. He has generously agreed to share the day with us, and in return we will have the ship fire a cannon in his honor. Ah, yes, the cannon. Our wedding will be on the USS Constellation, a tall ship anchored in the Baltimore Inner Harbor. We’re pretty stoked.

Career-wise, it’s been a crazy year for us both. I had the opportunity to work on several shows at Woolly Mammoth, including the ever-entertaining Fever/Dream, and the hugely successful Barack Stars, a group from Second City Chicago who was brought in and sold out nearly every single night of their four week run! We had a grueling 9 show week, but it was a great group to work with, and we got quite a lot of political attention (including visits from Sens. Durbin, Kerry, Specter, and Rahm Emanuel among others). With one day off, I went immediately into stage managing a fantastic production of Dracula with the immensely talented Synetic Theater. I’ll be stage managing Metamorphosis with them in the spring. I just can’t say enough wonderful things about Synetic. The people are fantastic, the art is intense, and it’s doing exactly the sort of work I trained for through college, finally.

As for me (Ben), acting’s not my entire life right now, like it was when I was on tour, but I’ve still had some good roles this year. Just look at this rave from the Washington Post in March: “Ben Kingsland manages to be both despicable and pathetic.” That’s press you can take to the bank!  🙂

I just started rehearsals for a new play about the USS Constellation— yes, the same warship-turned-museum where Megan and I are getting married in real life a few months later. Crazy!  There’s always more info about my gigs at

As a playwright, I’ve been incredibly fortunate this year. I won my first contest in February, got my first grant in June, and got my first script published in September (and a second in October). All that, and a number of productions of my plays downtown, gives me a great feeling about momentum going into 2010.

Throughout the year, Ben and I have had the blessing of time to travel. By carefully watching our savings while we were working and some generous gifts from family members, we’ve been able to use the time between jobs to get some serious leisure time in.

In April, my family took us up to Boiling Springs, PA for the murder mystery weekend at Allenberry, where we won a costume contest together and I took 3rd place in solving the murders!

In June, Ben was working on a production of Oliver! in Charlottesville, VA while I worked on Fever/Dream. My show closed a week before his, so I drove down to join him at the beginning of July. While there, we took a tour of six of the local wineries.
August gave us a trip out to Denver, CO for Chappell & Rosalind’s lovely wedding, and September took us out to Phoenix, AZ for my Uncle Bob & Judie’s wedding. Both weddings were absolutely wonderful in very different settings, and we’re starting a lot of our own wedding planning from what we learned at each (i.e. we’d like to steal some ideas from both).
Thanksgiving was a tour around the area, with a dinner with Ben’s Mom on Wednesday, Thursday with my family at my aunt’s house, and Friday driving down to Asheville, NC to visit Ben’s Dad & stepmom in their gorgeous new house.

That’s the year in a nutshell!  Going forward, we’re stoked about the marriage; we’re stoked about our new apartment; and we’re stoked about our jobs.  We’re very optimistic about the new year coming up, and we look forward to staying in touch with you all through it.

Happy Holidays,
Megan and Ben

Wedding Update #2 (Vendors)

Well, after much craziness, wedding plans seem to be falling into place (knock on wood, please don’t let saying that jinx anything). We have our date, our venue, our photographer, and a good lead on the caterer. Things on our checklist are eliminating themselves, one by one.

The next big conversations to have are wedding party and clothing. As far as wedding party clothing goes, the primary goal is to put everyone into something that they look awesome in and will wear again. In that vein, we would like to put each of the bridesmaids in a different color, then have the bouquet she carries in the main color of her dress with accents to match the other three dresses. Groomsmen will be in the same four colors (probably vest & tie in color, black pants, white shirt or something like that). We decided that the most flattering assortment of colors that will also look rocking on the boat would be jewel tones.

Because I’m a complete and total dork, I went to Home Despot and picked up some paint chips in the colors we’re looking at. Obviously, in fabric the colors will look different, so it’s really a moot point and was just an exercise in “keep Megan busy so she doesn’t slaughter the caterers”.

By the way, I have a theory about the “bridezilla” phenomenon. These are not women who are crazy and demanding and don’t care about their husband-to-be. Oh no. These are women who have been pushed RIGHT over the edge by the wedding industry. After the um-teenth admonishment that I really ought to be dieting already to cram myself into the dress that I should have bought months ago. After the caterers who refused to listen to a word I said (yes, we would like it non-dairy. No, I would not like a special plate so I can avoid all the real food.) or wouldn’t call us back (oh, we’re so glad you called us back! your message cut off just as you left your phone number and we just couldn’t reach you! Email? What email?). After the photography company who called four times, emailed twice, and sent me a text message, just to make sure that I knew about the Really Important Event Tuesday night!!! After the caterer who promised a quote next tuesday. I mean Friday. I mean definitely Monday or Tuesday. Tomorrow, no really.

Can you blame a girl for wanting to get a little bit violent?

The Mission?

To keep our loved ones in the loop about our exciting adventures and well-laid plans.

It’s a very full time in our lives, and we look forward to throwing all kinds of info, thoughts, and stories here on ye olde internewt.  Stay tuned!