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Happy Birthday, Lilit!

Note the paws gripping the knee for dear life. If she holds on tight enough, the hat might go away...

Ben indulged my whims today in a major way, which is one of many reasons why he is so wonderful. See, Lilit turned 14 today (I think — I know it’s some time in April, and a few years back, I picked an arbitrary day because, well, she won’t know the difference).

I asked Ben if we could make her a birthday cake, which we did. He got out some of the ground pork to defrost while I was at work, and when I got home, we mixed it with some matzo meal (good breadcrumb replacement), put it in a mini cake pan, and baked it. It came out looking sort of like a hamburger, only with a lovely caramelized top. And Ben asked for party hats, so I made party hats for the three of us. Lilit was less than pleased with her party hat, but the cake pretty much made up for it. She liked that part.

Makin’ Paper

More photos to come…

Pumped! #2

“You are 13 % of the way toward the goal of 20000 points for a Bronze Award. Only 17303 points to go!”

Phew!  Let me drop some long division on you.  At this rate, it will take me 391.382 more days to earn the coveted Bronze Medal of presidential fitness. May 8, 2011, here I come!

However!  If I want to step up my patriotic game, and–say– earn my medal by the Congressional Midterms, November 2nd 2010, that means I have to earn 84.82 points/day between now and then.  Impossible, you say?  Consider that 15 minutes of ‘light’ Wii Sports play yields 26 points and you start to get a sense of where this bar is actually set.

Can I do this?  Yes I can.



Zooborns is one of our very favorite sites– who doesn’t love baby animals?  But a baby animal that’s also a baby toy– that’s almost too marvelous for words:

The four-wheeled camel!  Powered by biomass, no less, this camel has the smallest footprint of any Bactrian in history.  Probably because it doesn’t have feet.