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I Miss Wine

The other night, Ben made a fantastic spicy beef soup for dinner. Since it was our first real home-cooked dinner after nearly two weeks out of town with a week of electricity disruptions in between, it felt pretty special, so he asked me to pick out a bottle of wine to go with it (which also inspired me to actually clean off the dining room table, change the table cloth, and properly set the table for dinner). I picked out a Côtes-du-Rhône (one of my under $15 favorites, actually: a 2010 Dom Mousset Côtes-du-Rhône, for those who are interested in such details), and we opened it up.

I had myself a half glass (there are tons of studies on alcohol during pregnancy which show small quantities do absolutely NO harm to the developing fetus, and no I’m not getting drunk, so please keep your opinions on that subject to yourself). There are just no words for how transcendent it feels when I successfully pair a wine to a meal. When one sip of the wine and one bite of the food not only complement but enhance each other, each made better by the pairing.

When I’m back to being able to have a daily glass of wine if I want and it no longer feels silly to open a bottle just for a glass and a half, we’re going to explore finding our House Wines. I would love to pick a Norton for the red, but that depends on finding a good one that’s not to expensive to keep on hand. Failing that, we might look for a cotes-du-rhone or similar blend. For the white, probably a torrontes — versatile and inexpensive. I just need to find one that we can stock easily. That doesn’t mean we’ll suddenly only drink two types of wine. It just means we’ll have a go-to that’s always on hand.

Oh wine. I miss you.

Stuff that makes life great

Awesome things that have happened to me this week:

Lilit asking me to clean her litterbox. This from the cat who had been proclaimed to have horrible litter box issues, and she would never learn to go in the box regularly. She’s too old to learn any better, and should just be put down because she’ll never learn. And she asked me to clean it so she could use it, dancing on her little paws because she had to go so bad and could hardly wait. There are no words for how proud I am of how far she’s come.

Ben calling me on the road because he saw my car driving on the other side of 295 as he drove north and I drove south…

Spending our day off with a wine trip: tasting Vidal and Riesling straight from the vat two months before bottling at Basignani, having a great conversation with the wine maker at Woodhall.