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Pumped! #2

“You are 13 % of the way toward the goal of 20000 points for a Bronze Award. Only 17303 points to go!”

Phew!  Let me drop some long division on you.  At this rate, it will take me 391.382 more days to earn the coveted Bronze Medal of presidential fitness. May 8, 2011, here I come!

However!  If I want to step up my patriotic game, and–say– earn my medal by the Congressional Midterms, November 2nd 2010, that means I have to earn 84.82 points/day between now and then.  Impossible, you say?  Consider that 15 minutes of ‘light’ Wii Sports play yields 26 points and you start to get a sense of where this bar is actually set.

Can I do this?  Yes I can.