Monthly Archives: November 2011

I’ve been having one of those months where there’s just so many thoughts to think, so much stuff to say, and yet none of it coalesces in a way that I can write about it, which is sort of a shame since a lot of it is stuff I want to share. I’ve been working full-time for two months now, and I still feel like I’m struggling to get my feet under me. I’m learning the work-life balance all over again, and it’s hard. Ben has done amazing at taking point around the house, making sure I have food to take with me or planning out what we’ll do about dinner. I often feel like I’m neglecting my half of the household chores, but he never complains, which is quite humbling. But working 45 hours a week at a very physically and mentally taxing job takes its toll. Don’t get me wrong, I love the work. I get to talk to so many different people, most of them quite nice. They invite me in for a tiny little peek into their lives and ask me to make their dinner plans better. I’ve learned how to read what sort of flavors a person likes within a thirty second conversation. I’ve learned the most common mispronunciations (gewurztraminer I expected. Sutter Home? That one surprised me). I am assembling a fairly hilarious list of things people have asked me, because when you see two to three hundred people every day, someone is bound to say something ridiculous pretty much daily. I’m debating whether it’s okay to post such things here, because I don’t want any of it to come back to haunt me, but they’re the sort of comments that tend to make me smile.

Whoops, there we go again. A short day at work today, but I still have to get ready and get there on time…