Monthly Archives: December 2010

IMG: “Ben is humoring Megan”


The photography side of Pique is beginning. I had my first true client this week. Today, however, was a re-shoot. I thought I could make do like I had before, by sticking to outdoor-only shoots. That assumes the weather is planning on cooperating. It didn’t, so we moved indoors and the photos all came out way too dark.

Luckily, Glymaris is a rock-star and decided to give me a second chance. I ordered the lighting kit I’ve been eyeing (and agonizing over the price), and it arrived yesterday. By the time she came over for her photo session, I hadn’t even had it a full 24 hours. We got some great stuff anyways, but it definitely took longer than it should have.

The Artist

So I’ve been playing around with images. I’m running out of subjects, though. So far, I have a ton of photos titled things like: “Ben Is Humoring Megan Against A Black Sheet” and “Ben Is Humoring Megan With Cat”. Little do they know it, but the family will all be subjects of headshots this weekend…