Monthly Archives: January 2012

Daylight! I saw it!

So after a month of getting jerked around by corporate inefficiency, the reset is complete and I am transitioning back to days! I got home this morning at 7am from my final night shift, napped till 10 to take the edge of exhaustion off, and then was up again. I spent at least five hours lying in bed with the cats and a book while sunlight oh the sunlight streamed across the bed. I napped from 5-8 (seriously, I cannot seem to get enough sleep right now), then came back downstairs to spend time with Ben. He made a wonderful dinner, and I will probably be able to go back to bed around 1 or 2, which is pretty good in terms of adjusting my schedule gently. I’ll set an alarm for early tomorrow morning, to try to help with the adjusting, since I’m due in at work at 7am on Sunday.

I’ve been starting to look over my schedule for the next few weeks, and it’s really rather crazy. After a month of not getting to see anyone, I’m sort of desperate to find time to make the rounds. But I have a limited number of evenings, which puts a crimp in that. Ben and I are working on it now, but I think it’s going to be quite the shuffle to work on catching up with everyone!

Nimitz is informing me it’s time to curl up with blankets and watch tv, and who am I to argue with the cuddly half of the kitten? I’m hoping with the return to days (and, oh yeah, the AWESOMEST GIFT EVER from Ben of a keyboard for my tablet), I’ll be able to blog more. Which is sort of what I always promise, isn’t it?

Daylight? I remember Daylight…

As anyone who has known me for years can attest, I am a night owl. Staying up late is nothing new for me, and being given a chance to work late instead of early? I will absolutely jump at it! So when my manager asked if I’d like to work nights for the store reset, I checked with Ben, and then said yes. For the past week and a half, I go off to work at 9:30pm, have lunch at 2, and come home as the dawn rises at 8am. Sleep from 8 to 4, then a few hours of social time and it’s back to work.

Can I just tell you how tired I am? And how much I miss daylight? Family? A glass of wine with dinner?

Apparently, corporate structure being what it is, once our previously-approved overtime went through the system, someone higher up flipped at the numbers and our hours got slashed. While I’m bummed about less pay, at least I’ll get more time to be around people now. I got an unexpected day off this week, plus now we’re only working 10pm to 6am, which means I’ll be up and about by 2pm!

Of course, I also happened to catch a cold — last week, I got to hang out with Kristen and the girls, and little Kora was fighting a cold. She’s in a super-snuggly phase, so whenever I sneeze, I think of her little hugs, which makes this probably the cutest little cold I’ve ever had. Downside is that it makes me want to sleep a lot, which means going to bed just before dawn and waking up after the sun has set.

I really miss daylight.