Monthly Archives: July 2015

Book of the Week: It’s an Orange Aardvark!

orange-aardvarkIt’s an Orange Aardvark!

by Michael Hall

V has really been digging this book since we got it from the library. I have to admit, I don’t completely understand the plot, but it’s bright and colorful and fun to read, so it’s been enjoyable for all of us to have it around.

Bonus book:

pigeon-goThe Pigeon Loves Things That Go

by Mo Willems

We own The Pigeon Needs a Bath (thank you, Robin!), and it’s a big hit around here. So when I saw a Pigeon board book at the library, we had to check it out for P. It’s short, sweet, and has a nice twist ending that left both me and Ben on the floor laughing. That’s right, a BOARD BOOK with a twist ending.

Side note: do not bother visiting the official Pigeon website. It is a waste of time and energy.