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Bulldog Man-pencil?

Bulldog Man PencilI was purchasing supplies for rehearsal yesterday. I got tired of a terrible hole puncher so I finally invested in a good one, plus a ream of paper because we still can’t find ours and hey, who doesn’t always need more paper? I also got refill ink for my printer (thus the higher total on the receipt) and I finally found a good quality pencil sharpener that’ll hold up to rehearsal use.

It’s a sexy little thing, made by X-Acto and it suction cups to the desk so it doesn’t go anywhere. It’s the Bulldog model, and mine’s in a fantastic transparent orange color. Looks like this:

X-Acto Bulldog Pencil Sharpener

X-Acto Pencil Sharpener

Most importantly, however, is how it showed up on the receipt. See image on the right, please.