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My baby brain #1

Over the holidays, my mom found an old “journal” I kept for class in elementary school.  In case you don’t know, a “journal” is a primitive blog made of dead trees instead of pixels.  (The 1990s were a curious time.)

I had all kinds of prompts from my teacher, and the responses give a little window into my brain of yesteryear.  For example, here’s my stirring epitaph for President Richard Nixon:


I know Richard Nixon died of a stroke.

He used to be a president.

He died last Friday.

He has a dog named Checkers.

He was from California.

He used to be a Vice President.

He has five 4 brothers.”


This emotional tribute got a lot of press at the time.  I think Nixon’s tombstone actually reads:

“Here Lies Richard Nixon.  He used to be a Vice President.”

More insights from my baby brain to come.