My child has opinions and it’s awesome

So, we’ve officially entered the “no” phase. Only, thing is, instead of the “NONONONOOOOOOOO” that I was warned (oh so ominously) about, we get these adorable little “Nope”s.

And she’s opinionated and has Feelings and Thoughts and Ideas. “I’m so mad! Grrrrr!” “I’m fus-tated! Grrrr!” “I’m happy. Are you pretty happy, Mommy?”

Of course I’m happy. She’s developing into her own person, which is sort of, you know, the whole goal of raising a child.

I’m not sure where this idea comes from, that a toddler is an obnoxious creature to be Handled, Distracted, or Avoided as much as possible. I was reading something recently about dining out with your toddler when it hit me how unusual our experience seems to be. When we decide we want to go out for food, we pick a restaurant that we like and we go. And we have never had a problem with our toddler being unable to function or turning the evening into a total nightmare. She either eats or she doesn’t. She sits at the table until her toddler patience has run out, and then someone gets up and runs around outside with her for a bit, and then they come back and eat some more. We don’t try to pick a restaurant based on how many televisions under the theory that more tvs = more distraction = better (which, honest, I’ve heard given as advice). If anything, we try to avoid restaurants with televisions because she eats better without them.


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