Words are hard, okay?

My first completed knitting project. Seriously, don't pick cables as a way to start.

I’ve got a couple ideas percolating, including one that would start off as a crafty blog and potential morph into a how to book (if I can get the follow-through to actually do it). Ben pointed out that I have a rather unusual way of tackling new craft disciplines, in that I pick an entirely too complicated project, stress myself silly finishing it, and then come out of it with a decent understanding of the medium. My first crochet project? A twin-sized afghan made with three strands held together. My first knitting project? I picked a pattern for arm warmers that involved cables, double pointed needles, waste yarn, and adding a thumb back in later. Those of you who knit understand what that all means. I didn’t until I finished the first pair. And then I decided I didn’t like the pattern the way it was and adapted it for attempt #2. Because I’m crazy like that.

I plan to learn how to sew next, and I will probably attack it in much the same way. I’ve picked a bunch of patterns I like. I’ll probably pick the hardest one to start with, because that’s how I roll, you see.

So I think it would be interesting to blog my crafting journeys. It seems the hardest part of that is picking a new name for the new blog. I’ve got some ideas, but I’m not sure if I like any of them enough to commit yet. In the process of brainstorming, Ben found one he liked for himself, but as he never updates here, adding another blog for him to ignore is probably not a good idea.

I was going to write about last night’s dinner – we got andouille in the last pork package from the farmer, and of course we had to make jambalaya. It turned out really well, and we will probably do it again. But I have no photos for you because we ate it all. Blogging is hard, and remembering to take photos of everythingnis even harder. Sorry about that.


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