Vacation Wrap Up

Mama and Baby duck by a little stream outside the Dutch Village in Holland, MI.

So I had the great beginnings of a final post, to make my vacation series into a three-part thing, but then it got eaten. I don’t know if Topaz ate it or if WordPress ate it, but somebody certainly ate it because I definitely wrote it and now I can’t find it anywhere. Oy.

Suffice it to say there was more beach time, some mini golf, and then another long-ass drive to get home. We were very excited to arrive back, although not nearly as excited as the cats. Nimitz promptly punched me in the eye with her fuzzy little paw (no damage done), and Lilith has started making the most distressing noises when she wants attention. Ah, home.

This week has felt like an odd combination of rushing around like a crazy person and sitting around with nothing to do. On Tuesday, I had the longest job interview of my life (I think it went well, but it’s so hard to tell with these things). Wednesday and Thursday, we had rehearsal for InterAct (always full of hilarity, usually full of art and productivity as well). Wednesday night I got to hang out with Kristen, and Thursday night, we had dinner with Mom and my grandparents. And then Friday, back to sitting around doing not a whole lot. Brainstorming art, working on projects, failing at cleaning up the house… I’m still struggling to find myself lately. I feel closer to an answer than I have in a long time, but not an immediate answer. Like I’m on the path to understanding what I’m doing with my life, but I don’t quite have all the information yet.

We’re going to hit the farmer’s market today. It’s taken us most of this week to get back on track meal-wise. Food is such a complicated subject.

Oh, by the way, I’ve updated the Michigan posts with photos. Enjoy!


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