For some reason, lately I’ve been playing a little game called “How long can Megan go without her morning coffee?”

Answer: Until about 2:30 pm, and then could you just make a damn pot of coffee and make this headache go away? The coffee isn’t that expensive, even that fancy shit you insist on getting, you snob you, so just boil some water and grind those beans and get me some caffeine before I rebel and squeeze my grey blobby self out your left ear because it is POUNDINGLY LOUD IN HERE.


Our lease is up in mid-March, and if you’ll recall from our move-in plagues (and please do take a moment to refresh yourself on Hiney’s Law, if you have forgotten. I’ll wait.), we have an excess of furniture in our humble 710-sq-ft abode. So the goal is to move around the beginning of March into someplace larger. Someplace where we can stop moving every single year. Someplace where we can hear the little GALUMPH-GALUMPH of tiny kitten paws as Lilit romps up and down the stairs. She misses her stairs. It’s freakishly adorable.

We’re pretty experienced at moving now, so I’m trying to plan it right this time. We’re moving in March, so we hope not to have U-Haul call us to cancel the truck because of three feet of snow. And I’m starting to think about packing already, so we’re not stuck with a bunch of stuff not packed on the day with the truck. Most importantly, we’re starting to look at places to move TO. That’s the tricky part. See, I think where you live is a big decision. The housing industry seems to feel that this is a decision that should be made in no more than two weeks. Prep time? No. You don’t get prep time. I started emailing and calling this week; a realtor called me back today, and when I told her our lease is up in March, you’d think I’d told her two years from now. “Oh no no no, nobody wants to wait that long for someone to move in. Thirty days, ok. But that’s too long!!” Honey, I don’t want to be the one to burst your bubble, but we’re in mid-January. We’re talking like 45-ish days. This is not that much more time. And I’d sort of like to know where we’re going before we start packing.

I shouldn’t bash. She’s been very helpful. I do wish I could be taking care of this on my own, but it seems like houses for rent are only available through realtors. Which kind of sucks, but like I said, she’s been very helpful. We’ve got appointments to go look at 5 houses on Sunday. Whee!


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