A New Year, A New Post

Hey, look! It’s January! That must mean we actually survived the holiday season.

Okay, it wasn’t as dire as all that. But Ben and I realized that we’d been celebrating six straight weeks of holidays. Thanksgiving followed by Chanukah, followed by Early Christmas in Asheville, then Christmas back here with his family and then mine, then New Years. It was a whirlwind of activity, and I certainly felt like my life went on hold until it was done. Don’t get me wrong, it was great to see everyone. But now we can settle back into the day to day.

Right now, that mostly consists of website work for both of us. Ben’s been pushing hard on the writing website (Sneak peek!), and I’m working on yet another redesign of the Pique site. I wasn’t completely happy with where it stood before, so before I got too much farther with it, I gave it a complete overhaul. I’m almost done, too. I still need to fix the gallery layout (it crops the larger views of images, which is not cool), and figure out what the index page should look like.

I’ve also got a super-secret project that’s almost ready for announcement. It’s a new direction for my artwork, and I’m pretty excited about it. The hope is to get the prototype finished up this weekend and then up for sale tomorrow.

We got a lot of questions from family over the holidays about this blog, so I’m making it a priority to keep it updated.  Even if it’s only a few sentences, this can be a simple way for us to keep in touch with lots of family all at once. Love you all!


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