Pique Progress

Progress is being made on the Pique front. I’m really not a web designer, so the website is going… slowly. Business cards are on hold until I know what my URL will be. I think I have it picked out, but I need to actually go ahead and purchase it. The only one it looks like I’ll be able to get is a .net address, though, which I’ve always been hesitant towards. I do honestly believe that .coms are better for marketing purposes, but we’ll see. The problem is that there are so many squatters out there! I looked at four different URLs involving pique, and all of them are taken by placeholder pages, which is frustrating to say the least.

I’ve started work on September’s calendars. I’ve got two designs completed so far. The goal is to have four each month, so that those of us who like to change wallpaper once a week have some variety. They’ll be announced the last week of August. But I was on the phone with Lei today, and she expressed enthusiasm for one of this month’s designs, so I thought I’d share the very first Sneak Pique.

One of the blogs I used to read frequently was from a website designer who used to have posts every now and then asking his readers what they were currently working on. He asked for a 300×300 pixel square of the work in progress. I thought these were fascinating to see. So, as part of the regular features of Pique, as well as to keep me on task as much as possible, I would like to borrow the idea and make myself publicly accountable for what I’m working on.  And, in the tradition of punsters everywhere, I would like to call these “Sneak Piques”. So this is the first. It’s one of the September wallpapers, which you will get to see next week.

I’ll be releasing the wallpapers as 1280 x 1024. If you’d like them in another size, please just comment here and let me know what size you’d prefer. I’m toying with the idea of a phone-sized wallpaper, too.


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