Design Profile: Pique (part 2)

When we last left off, I had a lovely design that I was starting to be quite happy with. Okay, great. Next step: confirm the usage rights on the font. Usually, I don’t download fonts I can’t use commercially, but sometimes I mess up and download a “Free for Personal Use Only” font. So let’s just check.

This one is called Scrubble, and it is… well, crap. Personal Use Only. That figures, right? Oh well. Time to find a new font.

One of my favorite resources is, as you may have noticed from the previous post. All the fonts there are free and of pretty decent quality. One day, I might be able to afford to actually purchase fonts, but not until this design business actually takes off. In the meantime, I am dependent on the kindness of strangers, if you will, which is why I’ve made sure to attribute and link to each font I’ve used. Putting together a font is a lot of work and I have mad respect for the people who choose to do it. I’ve tried. I’ve never gotten past e before.

Okay, so Dafont. Browsing through a bit, we’ll weed it down to half a dozen or so. Holyrose, Marky Marker, Coldbringer, SoupLeaf, Tracing Blood, Sketchy. (Side note: where do you people come up with these names?)

SoupLeaf: really awsome, but not for this project. Download and place on back burner. Coldbringer seems a little too… violent. That leaves four. I really liked that Scrubble had a lowercase serif, which none of the rest do. They’re either serif or lowercase, but not both.

At this point, I am in a mild terror that I will have to create my own font. Remember that bit about trying once before? I am consoling myself that I only need 5 letters for “pique”, but if I want the tagline as well, that’s another 6 plus a question mark. And if I decide I want the same look for the other side of the card, with my name, phone number, email, and URL…

Well, it looks like I can skip B, F, J, R, V, W, X, Z, and the numbers 1, 2, 6, 8, and 0.


Half an hour later, and all I have is a single letter. I’m not even sure if I like it. I’m just too tired to care. My body temperature has risen, my blood pressure must be through the roof, and all I want to do is email El Stinger and start throwing money at him. But the comment on that site makes his views on commercial uses pretty clear, so I begin browsing again.

First I try out an old favorite, FFF Tusj. I used this font for some of the wedding related material, and I do really like its effect. Unfortunately, Corel Draw doesn’t like it very much, and it’s difficult to work with because of that. More importantly, even when I add a nice, thick outline, it’s just too severe. Scrapped before I even export a screenshot for you.

Marky Marker, Sketchy, and SoupLeaf. All seem to be decent options (despite my earlier comments about SoupLeaf being totally wrong for this project, I had to try it anyways. It pleases me). But I need to stop working for the day and get food packed up for the show tonight, so I will let these sit in the back of my brain and look at it again tomorrow. Sometimes, all these things need is a little time.


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