Plagues part one

So, I’ll admit, no rain of toads or river of blood, but our move has been marked by what are think are reasonably characterized as the ravages of a vengeful deity.

Plague the 1st: Snow.  You know the Snowpocalypse that blanketed the news and people’s cars last week?  We were supposed to rent our U-Haul on the very Saturday that was all going down.  U-Haul called us in the morning to ask “Are you really sure you want this truck?”  Like good gentlemen, they didn’t penalize us for pushing our move date back, so we rescheduled for a hopefully less snowy Tuesday.  Not getting the truck left us staring down the barrel of:

Plague the 2nd:  Boxes.  On Friday night, we’d brought over lots of boxes of a wide assortment of things, but no furniture.  “We’re getting the furniture on Saturday,”  was the rationale.  So when we couldn’t get the truck on Saturday (or leave the apartment), we were surrounded by boxes with no place to unpack them.  Visions of boxes have filled my head all through the Christmas season.

Plague the 3rd:  Mold.  In the process of cleaning out our old apartment, we found a mess of tasty blackish mold growing on the wall under the headboard of our bed!  That explains this blacklung we’ve been having.

(update– the management is not blaming or charging us for the mold, which is excellent and reasonable .  Except now Megan’s grandfather doesn’t have any fun lawsuits to conduct.)

More to come…


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